For Adults and Children

Learn Serbian online

Serbian as a Foreign Language for Adults and Children is taught via CISCO WEBEX platform, which is user friendly and easy to install on any electronic device: desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

WEBEX enables its users to communicate successfully and easily: to share documents, use the white board, exchange messages and use many other options. It is also much safer in comparison with other similar platforms.

The access to the platform is free of charge for all the students of the Institute.

The courses are aligned with the European standard- the Common European Framework of Reference.

For all further information about Serbian courses, please contact Ms. Jelena Marković Nikolajeva, Coordinator of the Department of Serbian as a Foreign Language on 066 806 1444 or

Welcome to the Institute for Foreign Languages!

Onsite coursies

For the students who live, work or are about to attend university in Serbia, and prefer a more traditional approach, the courses are organized in the premises of the Institute for Foreign Languages.

Both online and onsite courses are organized throughout the year. For more information on the courses, please, contact… 

NOTE: Serbian as a foreign language has been taught at the Institute since 1958.

According to the statistics, over 30.000 students have studied Serbian as a foreign language at the Institute.

The course books written by the authors/ teachers at Institute are used as teaching materials at over 20 universities in the world.

The most popular titles are REČ PO REČ and VIŠE OD REČI.